About The AfrOtist

Dear Reader

Phenomenal Woman
The AfrOtist

First, let me explain the name:

  • I am an African – South African to be exact.
  • My first name starts with an O
  • I view my words as my art and therefore I am an artist.

All of that makes me and The AfrOtist – The AfrOcan Artist

I am a third year Communication Studies and also Journalism and Media Studies student. This is my professional blog platform and I will often be posting things that relate to the digital media and journalism just to keep my career driven self sane.

If you want to tap into my creative side where I also talk about my views regarding certain social issues against black women, check out my other blog www.flourishblackwoman.wordpress.com.

You can also follow me on the following:

Twitter @Olo_Mongale (The AfrOtist)

Pinterest /theafrotist

Instagram @olo_mongale

LinkedIn Olorato Mongale

With art,

The AfrOtist


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